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Media Server System


Omneon's MEDIA SERVER SYSTEM is comprised of network interfaces, disc-based storage subsystems and system software. These modular components attach to the network. They manage data storage (MEDIADIRECTOR and STORE), and handle the connection of external devices to the network (MEDIAPORT). The network handles both isochronous audio/video channels and asynchronous data simultaneously, and is highly scalable via optical fiber.


The Omneon MediaDirector is a sophisticated disc controller, distributed file system and Hi-Speed I/O gateway. The MediaDirector is attached to the Hi-Speed bus and manages the recording and retrieval of data to and from the Omneon MediaStore.

There are two models available, depending on each user's projected need for bandwidth, storage capacity, and I/O ports.

Our systems' planner will be able to assist in your selection of
- the MCP-2001 MediaDirector,
- the MCP-2101 MediaDirector.


The MediaStore series MSC-4000 is the storage component of Omneon's Media Server System, using a Fibre Channel disk array housed in a compact three RU chassis. Drives within the MediaStore are linked on Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loops (FC-AL). Hi-speed architectures enable multiple MediaStores to be connected, allowing economical systems to be configured for your needs of today, with expandability for your needs of tomorrow.

The MediaStore MSC 4400 provides reliable, high-performance storage in the smallest space possible. The four-bay single rack-unit design supports 438 GB in a 3+1 RAID configuration. The MSC 4400 features hot-swappable drives and redundant hot-swappable power supplies with integrated fans to maximize uptime and protect data.

Additionally, the MediaStore is media-format independent, allowing MPEG, DV, popular compressed HD formats, AES, ITU-601 and associated data files to co-exist in the same system.


The Omneon MediaPorts provide I/O interfaces to the MediaDirector for standard video streams. There are MediaPort versions suitable for all standard video formats, such as MPEG at various bit rates and GOP structures, DV at 25 and 50 Mbits per second, AES audio, compressed high-definition signals, and uncompressed ITU-601 signals. The MediaPort also supports RS-422 control, timecode and an Ethernet port for control, data and file transfers.

The versions currently available are:
          - the MediaPort MIP-1001a for DV or MPEG,
          - the MediaPort MIP-1002 for SDI or SDTI
          - the MediaPort MIP-1003a for DV or MPEG plus
          - the MediaPort MIP-1005 for DVB or ASI
          - the MediaPort MIP-1010a for IMX flavors of DV or MPEG

Now new series of MultiPorts and HD MediaPorts are available.


The Omneon Manager handles network management functions for an Omneon Media Server System. This includes configuration, connection, security, fault and performance management:
        - Configuration management deals with network topology, the “state” of the network, device names,
              end-to-end connections, bandwidth, and other related network configuration tasks.
        - Security management governs rights and permissions regarding network resources.
        - Fault management handles detection and correction of network problems through
              error detection processes and diagnostic testing.

The Media Server System Manager also manages the configuration of external control protocols such as VDCP and native Omneon API functions.

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